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Kingman Advertising helps you be remembered by all your current and future customers. We help you thank your employees and clients. We help you generate new business. We help with targeted, long-lasting gifts and premiums, unique and within your budget. Whether you want your message or logo in print, embroidery, silkscreen, stamped, engraved or embossed we can do it. From banners to pins, clothing to pens, brochures to business cards, if it needs your message, your logo, your business or personal name, we'll get it done for you. It's our specialty. Our in-house graphics and dedicated sales staff will be sure the right message gets on the right item, right on time. Promotional products are the most targeted and longest-lived advertising format, keeping your name in the right place, in front of the right person, netting you 1,000's of exposures. Compared to web sites, radio, billboards, or newspaper, a promotional product's impact is phenomenally better. You'll enjoy extremely competitive pricing and absolutely unparalleled service. Take the opportunity to let us work for you, now!